Sunday, July 1, 2012

Here we go

The coolest thing to doing YouTube videos is you, the viewer. It seems as if most of my life has been consumed with living for others. Now that I have started doing what I want to do, it is almost as if my being has gone through a rebirth of sorts.

I know that I have already said this before but when I get comments from awesome people, it really makes my day and reminds me that there are cool people who are interested in the same thing that I am interested in.

As a 20 year old, a lot of people say that we are supposed to work crappy jobs that don't pay much just for the simple fact that we are young. Well I ask; why?

Why am I supposed to work a backbreaking job that pays me only $8000 dollars a year? I have put at least 12 hours a day into these YouTube videos but at least it is something that I enjoy to do. Obviously I am not going to break any laws but I am not going to abide long-term societal norms "just because".

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